Gialetti Stovetop Espresso Pot - 6 Espresso-cup Italian Coffee Maker - Silver Color

This ELEGANT yet technologically-simple espresso maker features a unique shape that ENHANCES and PROMOTES HEAT DIFFUSION for a RICHER, MORE FULL-BODIED AROMA. See images above.

The handle and knob are HEAT RESISTANT so you WON'T BURN YOUR FINGERS.

It's made of FDA-Approved high-quality aluminum so it's SAFE TO USE.

It's simple to operate, cleans up quickly and makes a PERFECT CUP OF ESPRESSO IN UNDER 5 MINUTES.

Natural Silver color enhances any kitchen and suits any décor.



+ The word "cups" associated with espresso makers always refers to espresso cups, known officially as "demitasse". These are different from standard cups or coffee mugs, and are typically about 60-90 ml (2-3 fl oz) capacity - half the size of a full coffee cup.

+ Warm the pot on a low heat (do not let it reach boiling point) and remove as soon as the coffee fills the top of the pot.

+ To clean, unscrew the pot and rinse with warm tap water. It is recommended that you do not use detergents or a dishwasher, as these tend to discolor aluminum items.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE or your money back.

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Italian coffee maker made from FDA-Approved high-quality, lightweight aluminum

Stovetop espresso pot's unique shape enhances heat diffusion for a more aromatic cup of espresso

High-quality espresso coffee maker produces a full-bodied cup of espresso in under 5 minutes!

Stovetop espresso maker features heat-resistant handle and knob - Easy to clean - Simple to use

Distinctive, Italian styling - Technologically simple unlike many other home espresso coffee makers

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  • Gialetti Stovetop Espresso Pot - 6 Espresso-cup Italian Coffee Maker - Silver Color
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